Sexography of Shweta Saxena

Hello friends ..!! This is Shweta Saxena from Dehradun. I have received a lot of appreciations on my previous story-Sexography of Shweta Saxena. Now I am going to continue with that and reveal my further encounters. As a recap, my last story readers must know that I have done incest with my dad and brothers and now I am married to a rich businessman Raj oberoi.

Myself age 22, figure 34-24-34 and my hubby raj is 42. I married Raj only for his money. In fact, I am a whore, a fucking whore who can’t live without enough money and enough cock. Raj is a rich businessman who has more money than he needs. Marrying him brought me money. But where should I get cock from? He fucks me 1 or 2 times a week and many times he is busy with his work. I cursed myself for missing my real fuck life. But on the very third day, a young boy of 18 came to our house. He was Akash, Raj’s son from his 1st wife and my step-son. I opened the door and he was amazed to see me.

He looked at my 34 D cups and long legs. I was wearing a see-through blouse and cotton shorts which showed my ample ass to my benefit. I swear he was itching to touch my ass. But he said,’ Where is Dad?” I looked at the bulge in his jeans hungrily, man; I could suck that hardness like a cock hungry bitch! “Who is Dad? You don’t mean Raj, do you?” He smiled at me,” And who may you be? Don’t tell me Dad has married again. How can dad get so lucky to marry a gorgeous chick like you?” I smiled back at him,” Yes I am your step-mom, Shweta. You may call me mom, but I would prefer you call me Shweta. Your bulge is making my mouth drool. Your dad is nothing worth marrying except for his purse. He is gone to Mumbai and shall be back in three days.’

Akash came forward to hug me,” That’s ok, you can give me company till dad returns.” I smiled back,’ May be even after he returns. Your looks tell me you like what you see. As your mom, I promise not to disappoint you, Akash.” I pressed my crotch into his bulging cock as I rubbed my cunt against him. God, I love young cock! “You are a hot chick,Shweta, I think, I will have to do something to keep you from running away from dad, God your tits are big! I have fucked my girl friends but you are the hottest of them all, come on let me show you what you have missed in dad’s bed. You look like a hot whore!”

I did not have to answer the silly question. Instead, I leaned over and grabbed hold of his cock and started to stroke it from over his jeans and rub his balls too. It came to life almost immediately. “Mom,…..Shweta, let’s go to dad’s bed….undress for me, fast….I am horny for you. I want you to suck my cock like a whore! Fast!” I unzipped his pants without further instructions. My son had a huge 9 inch meat and fat. I started to lick all over the head and up and down the shaft as it grew to full hardness. I took it in my mouth and began a slow up and down sucking motion. Akash started to move his hips in a fucking motion as he felt his cock being sucked by his whore step mother.

“Mmmhmm.” I moaned around his cock. My cunt was getting wetter by the second and I needed my step son’s cock in my whore cunt, but I kept sucking. I was sucking his cock and stroking up and down with my hand at the same time.

“Oh, Mom……Ohhh Shweta….you fucking slut, suck my cock.” He moaned, “You’re such a good cock sucking whore.”

It only made me hornier. But, as much as I loved sucking his cock, I needed it in my cunt. I stopped sucking and he took my hand in his and we ended up in bed. We lay facing each other. Akash began undressing me while I pulled his pants down. Naked he bent down to kiss my cunt. I had shaven it in the morning. He slapped my puffy cunt lips. I moved up and threw a leg over him, straddling his waist. I reached between my legs and grabbed his cock. I leaned forward and started kissing him while at the same time running the head of his cock up and down between my cunt lips. “Don’t you want to get your hard cock up Mom’s pussy? Tell me motherfucker, mom wants to hear you” I asked him teasingly, reminding him of the fact that I was his dad’s wife.

“Oh fuck you, Shweta, yes, rub my LUND on your CHUT. Don’t you want your son’s cock in your burning hot pussy? Don’t you want to make me mother fucker?”, he asked as he grabbed my tits and started to squeeze them.

 continued to run his cock head between my cunt lips, teasing him, and said, “Feel Mom’s cunt. Mom’s cunt is ready for her son’s cock. Don’t you want Mom to slide her wet, horny cunt all the way down on your cock, Akash?” I teased.

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